Black Mustard Seeds - Cause Confusion, Discord, Disrupt Curses Or Hexes
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Black mustard seeds can be used to cause confusion, discord, or trouble for your enemies. They can also be used to disrupt an individual's activities, curses, hexes or spells against you. It is said that if you carry black mustard seeds in your pocket when attending court, they will cause confusion & you may go free. This is for one ounce of Black (brown) mustard seeds in a reusable tin. Herbs can be used in spell/ritual work, sachets, burned over charcoal (some herbs are not safe for burning or must be burned in a very well ventilated area) or a myriad of other uses! We do offer larger quantities & may have additional available, please inquire for details. You Might Also Need: Incense Burner Sand Burner Charcoal Use any herb with caution & use due care. Use at your own risk. We cultivate, dry, and/or package 99% of our herbs ourselves. We obtain any fresh or dried herbs we do not grow ourselves through a reputable supplier that specializes in organic & free-trade herbs. ~~Disclaimer~~ Results are alleged. Items sold as curios only. No guarantees are given or implied regarding any properties or if a specific result will be obtained. We (The Three Wise Cats) do not make any claim to treat or diagnose any medical issue (physical or psychological). Seller (The Three Wise Cats) does not claim any liability for any damage or injury caused by the use or misuse of our items and/or suggestions. Utilize items & information at your own riskIt is fully up to the individual [purchaser/customer] to determine whether a particular product, item or suggestion is appropriate for themselves & their circumstance. Please see our store info for further information on warnings, copyright, & other details. ther information on warnings, copyright, & other details. Black Mustard Seeds - Cause Confusion, Discord, Disrupt Curses Or Hexes



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