Candy/Syrup Combo
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Candy/Maple Syrup combo. (1) 500 ml. glass jug of our finest pure Vermont maple syrup combined with a 1/2 lbs. tin of our soft maple candies. This combo makes a great gift, or if you just want a little of each for yourself. Here at CBM we produce around 4,000 gal. of maple syrup from our 10,000 taps. All of our syrup is certified "Organic" by VOF & we abide by all their guidelines. It's a lot of extra work, but we think it's worth it. Our candies are made by boiling down our very best (low invert sugar) organic syrup to around 234 degrees, we then pour into molds. After cooling & drying for about 8 hrs. we soak them in syrup for another 8 hrs., then they are dried one final time for an additional 8 hrs. We make candies every week as demand has been high, & in most cases your candies (order) will arrive in less than a week from being made. We work hard to earn your business, so we hope you give us a try. Demand the best, we do! All products are from the current years crop, & any left over syrup is sold to our bulk buyer. Theirs nothing wrong with it, but we sell only fresh products to our retail customers. This is different from many producers, especially Canadian syrup, which could have been sitting in a barrel for 10 years or more! Candy/Syrup Combo



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