Cinnamon Raisin Bread Fragrance Oil, 1 Oz
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All of our fragrance oils are high quality obtained from reputable companies. This listing is for one 1 oz bottle of CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD. This particular fragrance oil is NOT skin safe. CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD ~ The aroma of fresh baked cinnamon raisin bread fills the air with notes of sweet creamy butter, fruity raisins & pastry vanilla. These are for use when making candles & several other items. You can also use these oils in your warmer, to make or refresh potpourri, to scent crafting items such as dried flowers & many more. Some can be used for soaps or lotions. If it is marked (B&B safe), it is safe to use in your bath & body items but it is your responsibility to test your products when adding our fragrance oils. -This fragrance is not tested on animals. -All of our fragrances are 100% concentrated. -Our fragrances are premium grade; not the diluted, cheap grades sold by many companies. -Never use fragrance oils directly on your skin; they must be diluted in a product or solvent first. -Never consume any of our fragrances. -Keep fragrance out of reach of children & pets. -We are not responsible for the products that you make with our supplies. -A fragrance will not smell the same out of the bottle as it does in a finished product. Always test fragrances thoroughly. -Allow candles to cure (set for a few days) to allow all fragrance notes to come alive. -Shelf-life for fragrance ranges from 6 months to 1 year. -Fragrances may discolor bath & body products. Thorough testing will be required of the customer in order to get the results that you desire. -Our fragrances are sold by weight & not volume Cinnamon Raisin Bread Fragrance Oil, 1 Oz



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