San Luis Obispo Scavenger Hunt Adventure - The Marco Polo Expedition
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(Please note: We currently have over 1300 different packaged adventure hunts for universities, theme parks, zoos & cities all over the US. Peruse our Etsy store for more locations nearest you!) The Marco Polo Expedition - San Luis Obispo Hunt Adventure is a city-wide scavenger hunt contained all within the San Luis Obispo, CA city limits. There are six mini missions to take on requiring you to seek out specific places & objects within San Luis Obispo & complete specific tasks. But that's just the beginning... Once you complete a mini-mission, you'll be able to open one of the six Marco Polo Expedition story envelopes - an elaborate, puzzle filled Choose Your Own Path adventure based on the ancient travels of Marco Polo - leading you to find some of his jeweled treasure. It's a full puzzle adventure contained INSIDE of a San Luis Obispo city-wide scavenger hunt. There's so much to do with the Marco Polo Expedition - San Luis Obispo Hunt Adventure that it can either fill an entire day or you can break up the fun into different 'episodes' completing different missions on different days. Simply pick up the story where you left off. PLEASE NOTE: We currently have THREE different versions of our Marco Polo Expedition Adventure to best provide for the type of activity you're looking for: Specific City-Wide Adventures: (The version you're viewing now) We've adapted the Marco Polo Expedition Adventure to work with over 250 different major US cities (see our Etsy store for the full collection. Adaptable City-Area Adventure: This is the same as the above however it is NOT specific to any one city. The locations to search out are not city-specific so this is a great option for those who'd like to take on the adventure but do not live near one of the 250+ adaptations we've already created. Marco Polo Adventure Hunt: This version eliminates the city-wide scavenger hunt portion & converts the Marco Polo story adventure into an actual treasure hunt (think National Treasure.) Instructions are provided to allow you to hide the story envelopes throughout your city/school/home/anywhere so that your participant(s) will travel from location to location to continue their story. For more information on the Marco Polo Expedition portion, please see it's page here: Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Q: Is this for adults or children? A: We set out to create a treasure hunt adventure that was sophisticated enough for young teens through adults to enjoy. There are several fun treasure hunts out there that children can have fun with, but we thought it was about time for teens & adults to have something designed just or them. 2.Q: How does The Marco Polo Adventure arrive? A: You'll receive a large envelope with everything you need contained inside - simple instructions, a few pages of mini-missions & six story envelopes. Nothing to set up - simply open & go.



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