Human Sumo Takuma 3D Printed Tabletop Rpg Mini
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Takuma was taught the values of honorable victory by Grandmother Snow, after being banished from his home at a young age for cheating in the Sumo ring. She saw he was not dishonorable, but simply craved approval. All variants of Takuma include a base, which will require assembly on arrival (the mini ships unattached from the base). All of our prints are printed on the Form3, a professional printer widely regarded as the best resin printer available. It prints at higher resolution & finer detail than other printers on the market, meaning no more blurry or washed-out details. All prints are done using Tough resin, a pro grade resin that's a bit flexible but strong - so no more snapped parts after an accidental drop! All prints shipped cleaned, cured & free of supports. Although we do our absolute best to make sure any marking is minimal, some light sanding & clean-up may be necessary prior to painting. Want a different size? Shoot me a message! All prints can be scaled as requested! Human Sumo Takuma 3D Printed Tabletop Rpg Mini



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