Whoopsy Print - Vesdra Female Orc Shaman | One Arm By Artisan Guild 3D Misprinted Miniature + Free Bonus
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Whoopsy Print - Vesdra Female Orc Shaman (One Arm) by Artisan Guild - 3D Misprinted Miniature I've printed hundreds of miniatures, & every now & then I still have a misprint. It has gotten to the point where I need to offload them to others who can make use of them in their games at a discounted price! This is Vesdra, Female Orc Shaman by Artisan Guild. Misprint info: I tried using the pre-supported files when printing, & they failed TWICE...This left her with a missing left arm. So she still has her claw hand. I'm sure she'd have a great backstory to explain this, in-game! Material: Regular Resin Scale: 32mm Discount: Typically $9 for good prints, now $5 BONUS: All "Whoopsy Print" orders come with a free additional misprinted mystery mini (typically Hero Forge)! It could be your next PC and/or NPC you didn't know you needed in your game! SHIPPING: Most orders will be shipped via USPS First Class. For Canada, UK, & Australia customers, I'll be sending via USPS First Class International Package (3-4 weeks) & not Priority Mail that the Etsy Shipping Profiles forces me to select. For other international customers, please contact me for shipping options. A FEW NOTES ON RESIN PRINTS: 100% resin CAN be brittle when it comes to any thinner parts of the model (like fingers, bows/arrows, long skinny spikes, etc.). So your miniatures would need to be handled with care. Resin with a flexible additive creates a more durable, & cleaner mini. Some prints might have a few flaws, especially when it comes to removing supports. Cured resin (especially 100% resin) tends to snap like a dry pasta noodle & might leave a little piece or divot where the support was. I try my best to clean these up before sending them off to you, though. LEGAL: This company is officially licensed to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: https://www.patreon.com/ArtisanGuild ),or at MyMiniFactory (at: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Artisan_Guild ) Whoopsy Print - Vesdra Female Orc Shaman | One Arm By Artisan Guild 3D Misprinted Miniature + Free Bonus



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