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Choose your tennis racket, each one is separate price. If you purchase more than one we will ship together & refund the shipping overages. This is our Jack Kramer & Pancho Gonzales Tennis racket collection. We have 4 different Jack Kramer's rackets, please read descriptions. JK Imperial. Wilson racket for tennis pro Jack Kramer. Photo image & signature. The top of the handle has a gold crown, a black & gold shield with a lion. Mostly all beige racket with accents of black,gold & white. Grip is black. End is wood. Condition is rustic, aged vintage. Background is very rustic, crazing & scuffs. Most graphics are on. JK Select. Wilson racket for tennis pro Jack Kramer called "Select". Glossy finish with red, white & blue colors. The grip is a deep navy with some gold. The cap is on. Condition is good there are some scuffs. Pancho Gonzales. Older Spalding tennis racket for tennis pro Pancho Gonzales. The lower head is brown, the handle is white with Irish Green & Royal Blue stripes. End cap is on. The grip is black, minor separation. Condition is good. Missing a color band in the middle of the handle. Graphics are good. JK Red Gold Autograph. Classic Jack Kramer racket with a wider, older gold & red crown image with small black dots. This has a red "W" above the grip. The brown grip it is worn, with minor separation. The cap is on. This is in aged good condition. JK Pro Model. Older Wilson racket for tennis pro Jack Kramer called "Pro Model". Retro classic design with narrow white banners with gold crowns & the lettering "P, R & O." The coloring is mostly aged white & black with accents of red adn gold. The grip is black. Cap end is older thin fabric. Condition is good with scuffs. Jimmy Connors Champ. Love the handle design with gray, white & wine colored stripe/line design. This is glossy. The grip is black with gold. Condition is good. We have other groupings of tennis rackets in other listings. Some maybe listed at our other Etsy store. To view go to etsy.com/shop/artisticfloraldesign. All have beautiful patina that only comes from time & use, are tightly strung & appear to include original grips. Please read each rackets descriptions. These rackets are sold for display pieces in your home. They are not for playing tennis. Stars are photo props only. Vintage #26 VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional imperfection. Although I take great care to describe any flaws & provide all the correct information about the age & details about the vintage items, I'm not a expert antique dealer. SOLD OUT. NOT SHOWN Pro Staff. Wilson racket for tennis pro Jack Kramer. Retro classic design with crisp white, dark brown & a few diamond patterns on the handle. This has rich accents of gold, with dramatic black strings. The upper handle has the wording "Jack Kramer Pro Staff," with a gold & black crown. The grip is dark brown. Cap is on. Condition is good. Jack Kramer Wood Tennis Rackets



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