Great English Sundew Drosera Anglica Carnivorous 5 Rare Seeds
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• Flat-rate shipping, as many items as you would like, or multiples of the same item! The cart will combine shipping. • We ensure seeds are true to variety, & obtain phytosanitary inspections as required (no extra charge) . Sundew - Drosera Anglica Drosera anglica, commonly known as the English sundew or great sundew, is a perennial herb which forms an upright, stemless rosette of generally linear-spatulate leaves. As is typical for sundews, the laminae are densely covered with stalked mucilaginous glands, each tipped with a clear droplet of a viscous fluid used for trapping insects. The lamina, which is 15–35 millimetres (0.59–1.38 in) long, is held semi-erect by a long petiole, bringing the total leaf size to 30–95 mm. Plants are green, coloring red in bright light. in all populations except those in Kaua'i, D. anglica forms winter resting buds called hibernacula. These consist of a knot of tightly curled leaves at ground level, which unfurl in spring at the end of the dormancy period. The root system is weak & penetrates only a few centimeters, serving mainly as an anchor & for water absorption. Nitrogen is in short supply in bogs & trapping & digesting insects provides an alternate source. Drosera anglica flowers in the summer, sending up peduncles 6–18 centimetres (2.4–7.1 in). long bearing several white flowers which open individually. Like other sundews, the flowers have five sepals, petals, & stamens. The petals for this species are 8–12 mm long, & the flowers have branched 2-lobed styles. The odorless, nectar-less flowers do not rely on insect pollinators for pollination, rather setting seed well through self-pollination (autogamy). The black ovoid seed forms in a dehiscent capsule & is 1 to ​1 1⁄2 mm long. Note: Sundew seeds are extremely tiny, probably the smallest we sell. We place them in special wax packaging to help you find them & sow them. Multiple packs can be ordered by adjusting the quantity above, or combine shipping with other seeds we offer. GERMINATION Sprinkle the tiny seeds on top of the growing medium. Do not cover them. Use a mixture of 30% sand & 70% peat moss. Cover the container with plastic to retain moisture. Place the container in very bright light at room temperature. Once the small plants begin to grow, slowly open the plastic a little each day. Use rain water or bottled water (use a spritz bottle while plants are small) to regularly water plants, but do not leave them standing on water. Generally seeds germinate anywhere from 1 to 3 months, but some stragglers can take up to a year. Plants never need fertilizer as they obtain their nutrient from the insects that they digest.☺ Watering should be done with rain water or bottled water, as they dislike municipal treated water. SHIPPING Flat-rate combined shipping, any items, or multiples of the same item. Click the "True Source Seeds" link to see our unique selection. Our storefront also contains a search bar (left side of page, after



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