Google Slides Slippers Sandals Flip Flops Memory Foam
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Slide into summer with our custom VibeSlides! Cushioned memory foam soles & adjustable straps provide comfort for every occasion! Customize with any image, name, logo, photo,'s the limit! A mockup of how your slides will look will be sent to you after purchasing & upon request. Customization info: We strongly suggest that high quality images are sent in.. the quality of our prints matches the quality of the graphics we are sent. We are not liable to refund images that do not print correctly if it is due to customer fault.( i.e. pixelated/blurry photos, images that do not mirror onto slides correctly, low quality google images, etc..) Some photos will need slight adjustments in order to fit into the printing template(i.e....adding a border or cropping) Google Slides Slippers Sandals Flip Flops Memory Foam



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