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Size & Scale: If a selectable size option is not available for a given miniature it will be printed at a standard 30mm scale. This can ALWAYS BE ADJUSTED. To fit any needs & as a general rule, SMALL adjustments up or down in size aren't something I typically charge for. More substantial adjustments in size will require a custom order, of which I am always happy to discuss & fine tune prior to ordering. Please don't hesitate to reach out, I will always work to get you the exact size miniatures you are looking for. Miniatures with size selection options: When a miniature does have an option to select size, the dimension listed in the drop down(height, width) is what is being measured. For example, the 75mm height option for a giant would be for a giant ~ 75mm tall. Not 75mm scale. If you have questions about which size option would work best with your chosen scale, please don't hesitate to message. Materials & Assembly: All of my miniatures are printed in a matte grey resin. Unfortunately, due to the nature of resin printing, the use of other colors/brands is not possible due to the large volume of printing I do. Once cured, the resin used can be delicate, especially with smaller models. Please keep this in mind when prepping, painting & playing with your minis. Clean Up & Paint Prep: Due to the nature of 3d printing, even on SLA/DLP printers, some clean up may be required. Similar to removing mold lines of cast minis a file/exacto can be used for final touches prior to painting. Some artifacts of the printing process may be present, if you ever have any questions about this, I'm always happy to help clarify. The vast majority of primers will work wonderfully on my miniatures. Assembly is easiest when using CA(super) glue. My preferred are the more liquid variants, most typically featuring small brushes or tips to allow for precision. in most instances, avoid gel variants as these tend to extrude far too much glue & be less precise. Shipping & Handling: If you have shipping concerns please reach out. If I can get an order to your door for less, I'm always happy to do so. Resin, once cured is somewhat fragile. As such, I take every precaution to make sure your miniatures arrive ready to play. Any orders shipping to the US over 35.00$ will always ship free & be updated with tracking as soon as an order ships out. If things are broken in shipping, please feel free to reach out. I will always do everything in my power to make things right. If there's anything you need, I make a point to respond to messages quickly, & there's no such thing as too many questions. At the end of the day, I want to provide you miniatures I'd be happy to have on my own tabletop. Please note I am a licensed printer via their Pateron @ Should you wish to purchase any of their models on offer for personal printing they can be found @ Boggard Rogues 3D Printed Resin Miniature | Tabletop Role Playing



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