Monstera Peru - Karstenianum 6" Pot Trellis
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Size pot 6" trellis This is a beautiful Monstera family. Monstera peru are climbers in nature & it is recommended to add a totem or a moss support in the pot. This will enhance the growth, size & the beauty of the plant. It has large, shiny, dark green, corrugated leaves with compact & rigid structure. Monstera peru is a low maintenance plant Water Monstera peru requires occasional watering. Once or twice a week is a good frequency. Make sure to keep the soil dry between the intervals. Sunlight The plants require exposure to bright indirect sunlight. It can withstand a direct exposure to full sun for up to 3 hours. More exposure will lead to burning of the leaves. NOTE: We deliver orders on Monday & Tuesday, we'll try to keep the plant from staying in the post office by the weekend. Any questions you can contact me! Have Beautiful day Monstera Peru - Karstenianum 6" Pot Trellis



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