Tabletop Initiative Tracker
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Keep track of your party's initiatives easily & stylishly with our Tabletop Initiative Tracker set. Using wet erase, dry erase, or even regular markers (requires rubbing alcohol to remove) simply write your player's or non-player character's name on one of the 8 included blank flags & clip to the pole for clear & convenient turn order tracking. While in use, flags can be flipped around to show turn order, hide unrevealed monster names, or show conditional effects. The flags clip to the pole for easy reorganization during the heat of battle; no more disassembling the entire tracker for every new encounter! The flags & stand are very durable & constructed of travel proof materials. The pole is solid stainless steel, stands at 13 inches tall when assembled, & can accommodate up to 12 of our 1 x 3 inch reusable flags. The weighted base features a red non slip suede that ensures that your tracker wont tip over during even the most strenuous monster encounters. The set comes with 8 flags, but more are available in 4 pc. flag expansion sets sold separately or purchased together as an initiative tracker bundle (contains 12 flags, stainless steel pole & weighted base). Options: Initiative Tracker Set (Ini. Tracker Set) contains: stainless steel pole, weighted base, & 8 wet/dry erase flags 4 Piece Flag Expansion Set (4 pc. Flag Expansion) contains: 4 wet/dry erase flags Initiative Tracker Bundle (In. Tracker Bundle) contains: stainless steel pole, weighted base, & 12 wet/dry erase flags Tabletop Initiative Tracker



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