Diy Multicultural Peg Doll Coloring Kit | Unfinished Mayan Girl Doll, Crafts For Kids, Homeschool, Stocking Stuffer, Nursery Décor
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Peg doll is one of the most classic wooden toys for kids ( or adults who have forgotten dolls) This DIY kit allows you to make a special DIY gift. These multi-culture peg dolls is a great tool to teach my kid about different culture around the world. The listing is for one laser engraved peg doll. The doll is unpainted. The doll portrays a Mayan girl doll. The doll is 3.5 inch high. The bottom of the skirt measures 1.5 in in diameter. The doll was hand sanded for a smooth surface. The black lines were made with a laser engraver. These unpainted doll is eco-friendly & there is no chemical used in it. This classic Waldorf wooden toy makes perfect gifts for kids, for mom, or you can use them as nursery decor. You may also choose to color them with tools you already have at home, see tips below. You can see colored peg dolls in my other listings. I found gel pens are great in coloring small details as seen in this doll. If you choose to use gel pens, make sure the ink is completely dry before brushing on the sealer. I left the doll overnight. Included in the coloring kit: The peg doll(s) for coloring Sand paper is your eraser A small peg doll for testing your color The doll also came with a story & an activity sheet to learn about the culture. The information is free, & provided in a separate listing. You don't need to pay to see it. Peg Doll Coloring tips You can use all kinds of media, color pencils, paint pens, acrylic paint, gel pens, water-based markers, alcohol makers.... Some markers may bleed along the wood grain. Most bleeding can be stopped by the laser burn marks on the doll. in my own experience, I would avoid Sharpie & Uni Paint pen - they may have excessive bleeding. Always test your color first. The color on wood may not be identical to the color on paper. You can use the small wooden doll for testing your color. The White color can be challenging. I use the white pencils from Inktense & the white Posca paint pen they produce magically deep white. Instead of using solid color to fill each empty space, you can try create a pattern in certain areas, e.g, polka dots on dresses, or stripes on shirts. After painting/coloring, the doll needs to be sealed. I use an acrylic spray made by Krylon, or Mod Podge, or DecoArt DuraClear Matte varnish for this purpose. If you choose a sealer that needs to be brushed on, be careful when applying the first layer of the sealer. This is because some color may be water soluble, thus create a smear. I would dip the brush with a small amount of sealer, & apply one quick brush at a time. Mod Podge is a great sealer. However it is not "toy-safe", which means they are not certified to be used by young children who put toys in their mouth. I use Crystalac top coat, this is a toy safe sealer. However, it is quite pricey. Diy Multicultural Peg Doll Coloring Kit | Unfinished Mayan Girl Doll, Crafts For Kids,



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