Fire Elemental Oil - Power, Passion, Strength, Element
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The Fire Element is the element of passion, associated with Summer, Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. It is the Gatekeeper of the South. Use when courage & strength are needed or to bring forth a passionate nature, use also for creativity. Use this oil in an oil warmer, to anoint objects & individuals, or in spells/rituals. If you need suggestions on using anointing oils & how to anoint objects or candles with oils, please request by selecting "Need Instructions". The suggestion booklet is the same for each oil. "Need Instructions" only needs to be selected "Yes" on one oil per order to receive booklet if multiple oils are purchased. Usually only one booklet will be sent per order even if "Need Instructions" are selected for multiple oils. If you purchased multiple oils & do need multiple booklets (such as giving an oil & booklet as a gift) please specify in comments when placing the order or send us a message; otherwise only one booklet will be sent. Oil specific spells/ideas are not included. ABOUT OUR ANOINTING OILS A little goes a long way! All of our oils are handcrafted using the finest ingredients such as crystals, herbs & essential oils & each oil is properly "charged" & created for its intended use. Oils are packaged in amber glass bottles in order to preserve & promote the longevity of the essential oils contained. Store oils in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Oils should be shaken gently prior to use. Price variants of our oils are due to the unique combination of oils, herbs, & other items required to make each particular oil & this component combination & specific work involved differs depending on the oil. We do not "water-down" our oilswe only use a small amount of carrier oil in each recipe, so use due caution when applying to skin or fabrics due to the nature of some essential oils to cause irritation or textile damage. Fire Elemental Oil - Power, Passion, Strength, Element



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