Lemon Sugaring Wax Kit | Sugar Hair Removal Brazilian Face Gift For Her Girl's Night
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Sugar wax is an all natural way to remove hair. It can be used at any location including upper & lower body. It is a less painful alternative to regular waxing. It also helps prevent full hair growth in the future after it is used for a while. This sugaring wax is a lemon sugaring wax, made by using only lemon juice, water, & sugar. It can be applied with hands or an application stick & then removed by hand or with fabric strips. PLEASE NOTE: During summer time, the wax may need to cool if package was left in a mailbox/outside for a while as heat will warm the wax. This will not hurt the wax, but the wax will need to cool for a few hours once brought inside. Also, I suggest leaving the top open away from sunlit windows for quicker drying. PLEASE NOTE: This is a hard wax. It should be used by grabbing the wax with the tips of your fingers & thumb, spreading the wax in the direction of hair growth, pulling the skin tight & removing the wax with a quick movement in the opposite direction of hair growth. The same piece of wax can be reused a few times before it stops removing hairs. While this is a hard wax, you can warm up the wax in 5-10 second intervals to use it as a strip wax. However, it does work best as a hard wax. If you would like to watch a how to video I recommend "How to Actually Apply Sugar Wax Like a Pro" on Youtube Skip to minute 6:40 SPECIFICATIONS Color is orange Comes complete in a reusable plastic jar KIT 1 OPTION (SMALL KIT) Small container of before use powder (baby powder) One 4 ounce container of wax 3 application sticks One 1 ounce dropper bottle of body oil for after wax usage KIT 2 OPTION (LARGE KIT) Small container of before use powder (baby powder) Two 8 ounce containers & one 4 ounce container of wax 6 application sticks Two 1 ounce dropper bottles of body oil for after wax usage DISCLAIMER Please note this item is not FDA approved & is not meant to treat, diagnosis, or replace medical advice. If rash or irritation occur please discontinue use & consult your physician. Only sugaring wax is for purchase. Props are not included in purchase! PACKAGING (aka jars) IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO COMPANIES BEING OUT OF STOCK Please note that sugar wax is not the best wax for everyone due to different skin types. Also please note that skin needs to completely clean before sugar wax usage. Please understand that if bath/beauty products are left out in the heat they are subject to melting & may need to be re-stirred/mixed upon retrieval from porch/mailbox. Lemon Sugaring Wax Kit | Sugar Hair Removal Brazilian Face Gift For Her Girl's Night



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