Nesting Doll Earrings Russian Souvenir, Travel, Babushka, Matryoshka
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These nesting doll earrings are lightweight & make a statement! Great for, themed parties or just to brighten up a rainy day – more than anything, these are a great conversation starter! We are a store that has an earring for every occasion. We have quirky earrings & jewelry in so many forms: food, animals, sports, hobbies, holiday-themed, & even a few more standard, not-so-ridiculous earrings. Some of our best-sellers include dice earrings, dinosaurs, cherries, lemons, nesting dolls, wine bottles, & fruit earrings. Some hidden gems are our weather-themed earrings, silly hot dogs, & gigantic fruit! Each & every order is special & brings us so much joy. We always include a little something extra in each order, no matter how small the order. Keep your eye on our store around any holiday. We love a good sale as much as you do, so we're always running promotions! We do our best to protect the environment by reusing envelopes & bubble wrap from our own online shopping. When re-using isn't possible, we try to use recycled materials. It's not always prettiest, but it's worth protecting the planet! Nesting Doll Earrings Russian Souvenir, Travel, Babushka, Matryoshka



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