Disorderlies-An Original Vintage Movie Poster Featuring Early Rap Pioneers, The Fat Boys Mixing It Up in Their Motion Picture Debut
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Disorderlies-An Original Vintage Movie Poster featuring early Rap pioneers, The Fat Boys tearing it up in their motion picture debut. Winslow needs money now to pay off gambling debts. If only his rich uncle Albert would die... But his orderlies are too professional. Maybe by hiring three of the worst orderlies around, he can speed things up. Fortunately for him, he finds Markie, Buffy, & Kool, who were just fired from their last job. With them around, he should have the money very soon... This homage to the Three Stooges shorts in which "The Boys" are hired by rich people & wind up destroying the mansion is hilarious. The situations & entire cast are unexpectedly funny & you'll find yourself laughing out loud at the outright silliness of all of it. At this point in his career, Ralph Bellamy had been a movie star for 50 years, & it's easy to see why: he's is hilarious & game to look silly mixing it up as an 80-year-old rich ponce. Disorderlies showcases the Fat Boys' considerable acting & comic chops as well as the optimism & fun of the early days of Hip Hop. I'm not joking when I state that this movie is a unique gem & time capsule that honors the late memory of Darren Robinson & his home borough of Queens! ACTORS: Darren Robinson, Damon Wimbley, Mark Morales, & Anthony Geary DIRECTOR: Michael Schultz WRITERS: Mark Feldberg, Mitchell Klebanoff CINEMATOGRAPHY: Rolf Kestermann SCORE: Anne Dudley & J.J. Jeczalik THIS IS A VINTAGE, ORIGINAL POSTER PRODUCED & DISTRIBUTED BY THE MOVIE STUDIO. THIS IS NOT A "REPRINT" OR A "REPRODUCTION". POSTER SPECIFICS: YEAR: 1987 COUNTRY: USA (Country of Origin) SIZE: 27" X 41" US 1-Sheet MAILED: Rolled (Never Folded, VCA has stored this poster FLAT & will ship it Rolled) CONDITION: This Poster is in "VERY FINE" condition as if it was printed yesterday & not over (35) years ago. This is truly a unique find. The color is vibrant & the gloss is rich & reflective. The poster has normal surface & edge wear & will frame nicely. Please refer to the Photo detail & the grading status in the "9-GRADE" System graph in the photo log. Magnets were used in the photography of these posters so as to limit handling & wear. These magnets are silver & visible in photographs in each of the poster's (4) corners. Please Note: These Posters are anywhere from 20-70 years old & were issued to movie theaters at the time of the film's release. All Posters came through Auction, Gallery purchase, or from the original movie theater proprietors. Although all posters are stored FLAT & carefully maintained, original poster art of this age can never be in perfect unused condition as it was originally displayed in a Movie Theater. Any Folds, Tears, or Pinholes are detailed in the notes & close-up pictures. Any glare in the image is due to the camera angle & is not a defect in the poster. There are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, or EXCHANGE on the sale of Original Movie Posters. Given the age & fragility of these rare, original movie posters, it's not



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