2x Crazy Lace Agate Summerville | Ga 1-2 lbs | Pounds Banded Rock Lapidary Rough Raw Natural
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Please read the full description for this listing, before purchasing, since the pictures for this listing are show more rocks then you will actual receive. This listing is for 2 (TWO) solid pieces of "Summerville" Crazy Lace Agate, weighing approximately 1-2 pounds each. LOT OF 2 PIECES 1-2 pound soild specimens of "Summerville" Crazy Lace Banded Agate, 100% Rough, raw, natural. ITEM DESCRIPTION You will receive, 2 individual solid pieces of "Summerville" Crazy Lace Agate, hand picked by myself at random, weighing approximately 1-2 pounds each. A Beautiful stone for making wire wrap jewelry, keychains, paper weighs, lapidary slabbing, display decor & so much more. LOCALITY Mined myself in Summerville, Georgia. SIZE You will receive 2 individual pieces. Each piece will vary in size & shape, but will weigh between 1-2 pounds. NOTE: Occasionally you may get one or even 2 that weigh slightly over 2 pounds, & that's because they were most likely to pretty to break down into smaller pieces. However, You will never receive one that weighs less the one pound! Since these are rough, natural pieces, I am unable to know, if there are any hidden cavities within the rock, as some are know to have pockets of druzy, or calcite. Theses hidden cavities, make each rock very unique as Mother Nature intended them to be. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES If there's anything you need to know about the Crazy Lace Agate, it's that it's a Happiness Stone or "Happy" Rock! in case you know this stone by another name, it's also called "Happy Lace", or the" Laughter Stone". Its energies are strong, yet soothing & energizing. It vibrates at a lower frequency compared to other gemstones, which means it can bring your own energy to a more grounded & attuned frequency. The Crazy Lace Agate will show you how to stay present in the moment. No matter how much you've got going in your life right now, you will always be able to enjoy the precious little moments. This stone will fill your life with energies that make you feel well, whole, secure, & stable, & bring you happiness through laughter & smiles!. This "Happy" rock will give you feelings of security & inner stability. OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION Photos are to show the quality of the rocks you will received & are not the exact rocks you will receive. This listing is sold by weight, you will receive 2 pieces of "Summerville" Crazy Lace agate, similar to the ones shown in the photos. Again, these are natural pieces, therefore, each rock will be unique from any other rock, have different colored bands, ranging somewhere in the colors listed below. Rocks are a natural production the earth so every piece is very unique & different. Photographed rocks wet to showcase their potential! Since wetting them helps the colorful bands in the crazy lace stand out more vibrant & bold, much like they will look once tumbled and/or polished. My arrive to you still wet, since these are all freshly dug, & washed just prior to being bagged & shipped you you!



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