1 Card Oracle Reading Faerie Magic - Faery Forest Deck, 24 Hour Weekday Reply, Focus & Clarify Your Spirit & Mind
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1 Card Faery Forest Oracle Drawing to provide wisdom, advice, perspective & direction for your consideration & action. Oracle cards are a tool to be used for introspection & bringing to light the subconscious or hidden thoughts, energies & feelings that may be going on with you, or around you. Oracle readings are much less structured than tarot, leaving them open to very personal interpretation as it relates specifically to you. Watch an example of a Daily Card Reading: https://youtu.be/WbM4-zUGHOQ Subscribe for More Magical Content! https://www.youtube.com/c/FaeProductions My Unboxing this deck: https://youtu.be/MSygjj2ovpk ☆:¨¨:PLEASE INCLUDE☆:¨¨: ► The question you would like insight for in the "notes to seller". ► If you do not have a specific question, it is OK to say "general guidance" :) Your reading will include a live video of me drawing your card with a private link that only you & I can access. Following from that, you will receive a copy of your write-up sent to both the email account attached to your etsy profile, & your etsy account (this redundancy is largely for record-keeping & guarantee purposes). Your write up with be approximately 1 paragraph in length. NOTE: I do travel extensively for work, & thus, weekend orders are subject to be processed during the regular M-F work week!! The Faery Forest Oracle calls upon the spirit & essence of the fae world, gods, goddesses & wise ones & more to provide genuine guidance with whatever you may be seeking. Reading will be sent via email as a digital download. I am required by etsy to say that this is for entertainment purposes only. ☆:¨¨:No refunds on this product☆:¨¨: ☆:¨¨:A wee bit about my magical education:☆:¨¨: I have been faerying for as long as I can remember! My early years were spent in study at Tír Eolas Academy where my sorority was the Crystal Circle. I met Fae of all kind & learned about different disciplines, tools, & of course the fine art of Glamour Magic. After Academy, I went on to more focused study of rituals & enchantments for several years with Mahlorian Green Craft, have ongoing practices at Our Lady of the Earth & Sky, & finally advanced to the The Sidhe Grove, with my guide Joanna Rowan Mullane, specializing in spellcraft & guided meditation (you can find her workshops here: https://hedgefaeryherbals.com/). I have also received Diplomas in Faeries & Fairy Magic & Hedgewitchery from the Centre of Excellence with distinction. ☆:¨¨:☆:¨¨:☆:¨¨:☆:¨¨: ☆:¨¨::¨¨:๑۩۩๑:¨¨::¨¨:☆: FOLLOW ME ONLINE FOR FAIRY WORKSHOPS, TRAVEL VLOGS, DIYS & AUDIO FAIRYTALES! ►PATREON https://www.patreon.com/faeproductions ►YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/FaeProductions ►INSTA https://www.instagram.com/feyverte/ ►TWITCH https://www.twitch.tv/feyverte ►PERISCOPE https://periscope.tv/gildedquill ►TWITTER https://twitter.com/gildedquill ►BOOKFACE https://www.facebook.com/LollysCastle/ ►WEBSITE



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