The Gadgeteer Mythic Mug Can Holder - Tabletop Gaming/Rpg Dungeons & Dragons Accessory, Dice Cup Roller Box
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This Gadgeteer Mythic Mug Canholder design embraces the creative scatterbrain of an inventor who kit-bashes nearby objects to create a marvelous object of concern. This fun design is complete with a spanner, vaccuum pump (or at least a hose & a bellows of sorts), dial, a view portal, & tool handles. You can also order (separately, not included) a 2-part screw-top lid for this mug that features a detachable, keyed valve handle from our Mythic Mug Add-Ons section. If you would like the option to use this lid or any of our other screw-top lids with your mug, please be sure to select the "Threaded" option for the "Screw-Top Lid Support". All VZ3D Works can holder mugs come with free with 12 oz (355 ml) & 16 oz (473 ml) can risers, but you can instead request other risers to support other can sizes including 250 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml, 330 ml sleek, 355 ml (12 oz) sleek, 375 ml, 440 ml cans. Colors of risers will vary. Please add a customization message to your order if you'd like to replace the 12oz & 16oz risers with different sizes. PLEASE NOTE: These mugs are sold as "Can Holders" since no 3D-printed vessel is food-safe straight off the printer. We do offer 12 oz (355 ml) Tossware clear plastic can inserts as a way to use the can holders with any beverage of your choosing. We also offer a "weighted" Add-On that adds a significant amount of heft to each mug it is definitely a worthy upgrade. Not all Mythic Mug Can Holders can be weight-upgraded, but the Gadgeteer can be. All our can holder mugs are available in a variety of colors & are printed at a high resolution to produce a detailed, easy to finish product. Our colors include simple white or black to facilitate painting or even a rub on & buff off paste. Or if you prefer, select one of our more-premium shiny/silk colors or wood material & enjoy your high-quality mug in it's final, raw form. Since these can holder mugs are 3D prints they are sensitive to heat. They should not be used for hot beverages nor left in a hot environment. in addition, they are not able to withstand extended UV exposure do not leave them outside in the sun. Model Credit: Ars Moriendi 3D - VZ3DWorks is an officially licensed seller of Ars Moriendi 3D Mythic Mug Can Holder prints The Gadgeteer Mythic Mug Can Holder - Tabletop Gaming/Rpg Dungeons & Dragons Accessory, Dice Cup Roller Box



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