Nintendo Switch Custom Joy-Con Controllers Animal Crossing With Black Buttons
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Animal Crossing fan? These Joy-Con controllers are the perfect choice of color for your Nintendo Switch, handheld or docked :) This is how we'll be making this custom set for you: We use fully tested & refurbished Nintendo Joy-Con controllers & fit them in brand new Animal Crossing shells. We fit new quality clicky black buttons & black analog sticks. Check out this set's drop-down menu for LED modifications & color choices because you can choose those too when you order! Your Joy-Con should not only look good in broad daylight but also when it's dark, right? We test for quality before assembly & after, so once the final screws are tightened, your set will be tested again & programmed so your Switch displays them in their fancy new colors :) We're geeky like that. Hurray! All done! Before shipping your order, we make sure it's packaged nicely, all neat & protected in a box. Then, it makes its journey to you & you'll get a "shipped" notification. "Is it there yet?!" We're super happy to make everything ourselves, with a lot of attention to detail & emphasis on quality. Every part, tool & method we use are picked carefully so you get the best custom Joy-Con in town :) Even more reason to celebrate our 60-day guarantee, so if you sniff out any imperfection, we won't quit until you're happy. Don't forget, we're all about custom builds so if you have great ideas for designs or color mixes, hit that "contact seller" button & let us know how we can make it real. Can't wait to build this for you. -Gal Nintendo Switch Custom Joy-Con Controllers Animal Crossing With Black Buttons



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