Spear With Rune Letter Othala Necklace, Runes Alphabet Odal Jewelry, Viking Arrowhead Othala Rune, Elder Futhark Rune, Spiritual Power
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My Author work & intellectual property-Copyright Othala rune is Also known as Odal, Odhal, Odthal, Ogthala, Otael, Othal, Othala, Othalan, Othilia, Utal The Othala Rune Meaning reveals the concepts of ancestral property or inherited property. It is very much unlike the Fehu rune, which as we discussed, conceptualizes mobile wealth. The Othala Rune represents something that is innate, natural, or handed down. It imagines a particular kind of wealth that belongs to the familial spring. Thus, it is easy to understand that the Othala rune has a genetic component to it. Lets, for example, take a look at it’s physical structure. The shape of the Othala Rune twists much like the way that a DNA chain twists. The Othala rune also has embedded within it’s physical structure the Gebo rune. This suggests that inheritance from the ancestors, & the type of wealth that the Othala Rune embodies has the quality of a gift. Look at Othala, it is certainly a bind rune. The Othala rune is a binding of Gebo & Ingwaz.Othala represents our home: our lands, our community, our nation, our identity, our personal assets & the assets of our friends & family. Othala is a physical representation of both our past & our destiny a reminder of who we are, & a symbol of the greatness we aspire to. Symbols-necklaces is very quality,beautiful design handmade product.Metal part is not empty from inside,it is full metal.It is made by metal zinc alloy & tibetan silver plated 0% of lead & guarantee the long-standing quality & original appearance.Over 20 years i made it & i sell over 40 000 different pieces. Do not cause allergies or rash.I have over 300 different models & each model have own meanings.For bigger order i have discount & other price.Shipping is free. We ship all item by registered air mail international post within 2-5 working days after we receive your payment. It will take 7-10 working days for items to be delivered into EU. Usually it takes 15-20 days to be delivered in USA, but sometimes, because of custom & postal procedures it can take up to 40 days. That is something that we can not manage :( All my products is handmade & all items has been more than 15 different stages of production & therefore can be little difference in colour. I can also make necklace,keychain or something else how you want.You just write me,send picture & we agree about conditions,price, ets.When i finish I will put this product on my profile with an agreed price.You just need to 'click' & buy.In that manner etsy get legal procent of selling. Keychain that are colored,they were paint with quality car color. Unique, beautiful & cute necklaces.Handmade & make with love product.Metal symbol in most cases is my creation not from Asia & not empty inside.String lenght You can manage how you want. Spear With Rune Letter Othala Necklace, Runes Alphabet Odal Jewelry, Viking Arrowhead Othala Rune, Elder Futhark Rune, Spiritual Power



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