Marko The Justicar - Spellcaster Hero | 32mm Fantasy Miniature Warhammer Or D&d Artisan Guild Eye Of Tialevor
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Artisan Guild miniatures are at a 32mm heroic scale. Measurements vary depending on the model. If you have concerns about scale please contact us before ordering. If you want a scale match to 28mm miniatures, ask us to print this for you at 90% scale. This miniature is printed using a gray colored photopolymer resin & is supplied unpainted! ______________________________________________________ From the designer: The most powerful spellcasters in the lands of Aera are traveling in the search of the Eye of Tialevor, a legendary artifact who it's said to contain the power of the Tyrant-God himself. Scholars & the Keepers of Knowledge think that Tialevor poured his power into the EYE as a safety measure, a phylactery that contains part of his soul to allow him to rise again. Nobody knows exactly where the artifact is, nor what can happen if it ends up in the wrong hands. Justicar Marko, who joins this monthly release as bonus together with Vulpeana Whitebranch, & her magic fox pet, are based on the team of amazing Painters from Craftworld Studios! Well now both of them are part of our heroes line! Marko is a powerful paladin of Sol who fights to purify the world through his powerful invocations. Marko is looking for the Eye of Tialevor to purify it & make use of its legendary powers to serve his lord Sol, whose schemes are unknown to us mortals. Craftworld Studios Patreon is live since the beginning of this month & it looks really professional & easy to access. They started with professional PDF painting guides of non-metallic, fabric, leather, & a tutorial of 54 minutes on Skintones directly on our Vulpeana sculpt! We are supporting them & already enjoying the fantastic content, not only to improve our painting skills (hopefully!), but because we really appreciate their effort & love their videos. Here's the link to their patreon: _____________________________________________________ Resin printed miniatures: Our resin miniatures are printed at a resolution of .04. If our listing currently contains a rendering, we are happy to provide a picture of a printed copy by request. Finishing: Models are supplied unassembled (where applicable) & unpainted. We can assemble, and/or prime your model - please contact us to set up a custom order if you would like this done for you. Shipping is free on all orders shipped within the USA over $35 at Datamancer Games, so consider adding in some terrain to complement your new miniature! Datamancer Games is officially authorized to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ),or at MyMiniFactory (at: ) _________________ Shipping Information: Unless otherwise agreed to through PM, all Domestic packages will be shipped out via USPS first class mail or priority mail (depending on



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