Pregnant Women & Children Townsfolk Scatter Miniatures - 3D Printed Duncan Shadow Louca Models
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Maybe you've heard of Duncan Shadow Louca (or have been seeing his models floating around the internet) & thought, "If only I had a 3D printer, or knew anything about 3D printing!" Lucky for you, I have a printer & know how to use it! Allow me to print & possibly paint your minis! I am a licensed DSL Merchant, through Patreon, & currently printing with a resin DLP printer which produces higher definition prints than FDM (filament fed) machines. Each print is made to order & will be cleaned & cured before shipping. This is a set of Duncan's Pregnant Women & Kids Townsfolk NPCs, that I have access to through my Patronage. Each one will be printed at Human Size in D&D scale (28mm). MATERIAL: I offer two different types of resins (100% Resin: more brittle/cheaper, Flex Resin: more durable/expensive). PROCESSING TIME: Print-only orders take 1-2 weeks. Print + Paint orders can take 3-6 weeks. PAINTING (Optional): If you'd like to have this painted, please message me for pricing & availability. SHIPPING: Most orders will be shipped via USPS First Class. For Canada, UK, & Australia customers, I'll be sending via USPS First Class International Package (3-4 weeks) & not Priority Mail that the Etsy Shipping Profiles forces me to select. For other international customers, please contact me for shipping options. A FEW NOTES ON RESIN PRINTS: 100% resin CAN be brittle when it comes to any thinner parts of the model (like fingers, bows/arrows, long skinny spikes, etc.). So your miniatures would need to be handled with care. Resin with a flexible additive creates a more durable, & cleaner mini. Some prints might have a few flaws, especially when it comes to removing supports. Cured resin (especially 100% resin) tends to snap like a dry pasta noodle & might leave a little piece or divot where the support was. I try my best to clean these up before sending them off to you, though. Pregnant Women & Children Townsfolk Scatter Miniatures - 3D Printed Duncan Shadow Louca Models



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