Suffragette - Pdf Digital Cross Stitch Pattern
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This is a PDF cross stitch pattern & is sent by email & Etsy message in 1/3 days from order. This pattern comes out from my great love for the actions that our women ancestors have carried out for us, & is inspired by the famous photo of Anne Kenney & Christabel Pankhurst. The Suffragettes fought so that women all over the world could begin to obtain the same rights as men, first of all the Right to Vote. in America they obtained it on August 1920, one hundred years ago. These women are a constant example for my life & for the life of many other women, & this pattern is a small tribute to them. Inside the pattern you will also find a second famous slogan of that time, which instead of "Votes for Women" says "Deeds not Words", an extremely important warning. So you can choose which slogan you prefer to stitch on the Suffragette's sheet, or you can stitch the alternative phrase as an ornament. The PDF file includes the cover, the colors summary & the pattern. Suffragette - Pdf Digital Cross Stitch Pattern



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