7 Brand New 1" "Nintendo System" Buttons Set
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You will receive all the buttons pictured. These buttons are: 1 inch in diameter (quarter sized) with steel pinbacks. Professionally printed with a 800 dpi printer. Packaged in bubble wrapped mailer for safety. @heyitsdaveralph is a one-person operation out of Cleveland, Ohio. Your buttons do not exist until I get the order. I then manually punch every single one using an American manufactured TECRE Badge Press. Then they're shipped by the fine folks at the USPS to you as fast as I can. Check out way more items for sale at www.heyitsdaveralph.com Nostalgia at www.KuKaBac.com Use Coupon Code "EtsyShopper" at the .com for 15% 7 Brand New 1" "Nintendo System" Buttons Set



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