Billie Eilish Lyrical Art
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My daughter Ashley is 11 years old & she created this piece. She learned how to create this type of Art in his middle school art class. I explained to her that when he turns 17 & gets her driver's license, that I would not be buying her a car. My Father said the same thing to me & I worked my butt off from 13 to 17 to save up for a 1988 Nissan Sentra. It wasn't a great car but it was mine & I earned. That lesson built the foundation of how I looked & valued money & what it meant to work hard for something. I explained the same thing to my daughter & this is what motivated to create. Her love for music shows in everything he does. Thanks for listening & hopefully for your support. This piece of art was created using the lyrics from Billie Eilish's Copycat. The print is printed on a Glossy Finish Card Stock. She numbered & signed each one. The cost is $30 a print which includes shipping. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Perfect for any Billie Eilish fan, this is a one of a kind. Billie Eilish Lyrical Art



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