Coin Pearl Earrings - 14Kt Rolled Gold Settings Gift For Her
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THE BEAUTY OF PEARLS Amazing 1 1/2 inch Stick Pearl earrings - set in handcrafted Rolled Gold setting a custom design Pearls with high detail which cannot be seen in the photograph. The earrings Intricate detail that you can see & notice earrings MEASURES 1 1/2 INCHES Very delicate coin pearls 20mm intricate in appearance & will get you noticed! One of a kind handcrafted piece of jewelry that anyone will look good in The earrings is absolutely amazing something that you will be proud to wear AAA Quality coin Pearls Hand crafted one of a kind earring settings You won't be disappointed with these earrings 7 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT 14KT ROLLED GOLD #1. 14 Kt Rolled gold wire is also called gold filled wireThis gold wire was used extensively in the 1800's & early 1900s. It is not used very much today its too expensive. It is durable that is it is very, very strong & last a long long time. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH GOLD PLATE. It has 100 times more gold then gold plate. #2. 14kt rolled gold is considered a lifetime piece of jewelry & can be passed down from generation to generation. #3. Rolled gold make up or composition is what enables me to create the swirls & curls used in the creative designs I make. Rolled Gold wears, looks & behaves like 14kt gold. #4. Our Gold filled wire is 14k. It is the best wire there is in gold filled wire. Meets all Federal Quality Standards for gold filled wire. #5. Gold fill jewelry is also referred to as "Rolled Gold" jewelry. It is made by heat along with pressure bonding solid 14Kt Gold to a base core. #6. The cost of 14kt gold-filled wire is more than gold-plated wire because gold-filled has an actual layer of 14 karat gold on it. There is 100 times the gold on gold filled wire as gold plated wire. #7. This is NOT gold plated jewelry It can be handed down from generation to generation & is considered a lifetime piece of jewelry. ABOUT MY JEWELRY This is wire sculpted Jewelry all made by hand. It is created wire by wire with the best metals & material in the business. Such as Sterling Silver, & precious stones, & 14kt rolled gold.Gold. Each item is a small work of art & has been made using small strands of sterling silver wire & sculpted into a small work of art. There's no soldering, no gluing, & no welding. Each piece is created for that one-of-a-kind look, durability & satisfaction & put together to accentuate your style. Beautiful pieces you won't find anywhere else... or see on anyone else. This is truly one of a kind jewelryThis piece will last a Lifetime to be passed down to generation after generation All with free shipping Coin Pearl Earrings - 14Kt Rolled Gold Settings Gift For Her



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