Once Upon A Time I Became Yours & You Mine, & We'll Stay Together Through Both The Tears Of Laughter... - Vinyl Decal Wall Decor
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All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. We can adjust sizing needs to most of our decals by request. Decals under 6" wide is not an option. Message response time is 24-48 hours (usually within 24 hours). For customization requests on designs, please message us BEFORE you place an order. We only communicate through Etsy messages. If we have a question & there is no response, your order will be canceled & refunded on the day it's due to ship. The vinyl will not stick to orange-peel or similar heavily textured & bumpy surface. Low-VOC or Zero-VOC "green friendly" paints are problematic & the vinyl does not adhere well. ORACAL (the vinyl we use) recommends applying to smooth, semi-gloss or gloss enamel paint. If possible, avoid matte finish Latex paints & paints that contain anti-graffiti agents or stain blockers. See our FAQ's about vinyl for more information. Once Upon a Time I Became Yours & You Became Mine, & We'll Stay Together Through Both the Tears of Laughter, Because That's What They Call Happily Ever After - Vinyl Decal Wall Decor Sticker Sign v4 Choose your size & color in the drop down boxes. The color chart is in the pictures. If you don't see a size option that fits your needs, message me! It's no problem to make custom sizes. Small 12 inches wide x 13.60 inches tall Medium 18 inches wide x 20.40 inches tall Large: 24 inches wide x 27.19 inches tall Photos are illustrations & are not sized to any scale. What You'll Receive: - The decal in between the backing paper & already applied transfer tape - Instructions on how to place your decal The matte vinyl I stock is high quality oracal 631. It is removable. Not reusable. It has a matte finish, meaning it is not shiny. It has the appearance & texture of regular printer paper - but thicker. It has a thickness of 3 mil. It has an outdoor durability of 3 years. Matte will have a painted-on look & blends well into painted surfaces. Extra low & especially zero VOC paints (environmentally friendly) can be problematic. It is recommended that decals are not applied to new paint & to wait about 3 weeks. Decals may leave a slight residue after removal. If the paint is old, some slight damage could occur upon removal. I advise against applying decals onto orange-peel textured walls, or anything similar that doesn't offer enough flat surface area for a decal to stick onto. If you are unsure whether your decal will stick, send me a detailed photo of the surface. Please see the FAQ's at the bottom of this page for more information. Photos are illustrations & are not sized to scale. Photos depicting props, furniture, lighting, etc. will not be included with the vinyl decal. Once Upon A Time I Became Yours & You Mine, & We'll Stay Together Through Both The Tears Of Laughter... - Vinyl Decal Wall Decor



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