Cash Envelope "Car Insurance" Please Select Vinyl Your Choice
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Hello everyone This listing will be for the ''Car Insurance" cash envelopes. This is where you can choose a different vinyl for YOUR Car insurance cash envelope. Please be aware 3 options available to choose from. Including the NEW VERTICAL LAYOUT. PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE WILL BE A FEW DIFFERENT VINYLS TO CHOOSE FROM. TABS ARE SPECIAL REQUEST Please use the drop down menu selection for your choice of vinyl. Shipping will be combined for the same orders so dont worry about having to pay shipping for each item! Please be advised there is only very limited quantities available at this time because this is my soft launch to figure out what my flow will be. Each & every cash envelope will be hand made & hand weeded by me. So this can be a little of a lengthy process because they are very detailed. But the outcome is so beautiful! I cannot even capture how pretty they are in images trust me you will not be disappointed! I thank you in advance for your patience & promise it will be well worth it. The listing will say 1-2 weeks approx (less for single orders) but I will send them out asap once they are completed. I will also try to send you pics of the finished product. & will provide tracking once they have shipped. I will have many more vinyl styles coming & even more diff envelopes these will be just the starting set so if you have an idea for something you dont see just shoot me a message & I can make an envelope for that specific category that you need. Thanks & Happy Shopping Please use the drop down menu to select your choice of vinyl all selections shown in the pictures. You can also see examples of the designs with different vinyls in the pictures of the other listings. Cash Envelope "Car Insurance" Please Select Vinyl Your Choice



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