Lightly Distressed Natural Finish 13/16" Picture Frame. 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16, 14x18, 16x20, 18x24, 20x24
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Lightly Distressed Natural Finish 13/16" Picture Frame. This frame is available in Coffee Brown, Pecan, Cherry, Walnut, Black & Natural finishes. The other finishes are available in separate listings. Search for "Lightly Distressed" to see the other listings. -Important Information - 1. The sawtooth hangers are attached with screws, not nails, for better attachment. 2. Custom orders welcomed & take no longer than a regular frame. 3. Bumpers are included to protect your wall. 4. Wall Hangers are included. 4. See "Why Acrylic" for information on why I use Acrylic instead of Glass. 5. See below for information on upgrading your acrylic to Non-Glare, UV Protective or UV/NG. 6. If you would like to stand this frame on a desk or table order an Easel Back or Easel Mate for your frame. You can order this in a separate listing. 7. The lip of the frame covers about 1/4" of your image on each side. Moulding Width: 13/16" Moulding Height: 13/16" Rabbit Depth: 5/8" Order the same size frame as your art. If your print or photo is 8x10, then order an 8x10 frame. If your item is not a standard size, request a quote from me. Since I make all my frames to order, a custom frame takes no longer than a standard size. My typical turnaround time for a frame is 3-5 days. There are several sizes listed for magazines, newspapers & comic books. If you order a frame for a newspaper, magazine or comic, make sure you list the thickness of your item. Your frame comes with Premium Framing Grade Acrylic. This is the highest grade picture framing acrylic. Its not the cheap, thin styrene others use. My acrylic is from the industry leaders Evonik/Cyro & TruVue. You can upgrade your acrylic to Non-Glare, UV Protective or UV/Non-Glare. There are separate listings for each of the acrylic upgrades. To upgrade to Non-Glare acrylic : To upgrade to UV Acrylic : To upgrade to UV/NG Acrylic : Why Acrylic? Most frames sold on Etsy use glass, so why do I use acrylic? There are several reasons. 1. Its half the weight of glass. 2. If you drop your frame, the acrylic won't damage your art because it won't break. 3. The acrylic won't break during shipping. Shippers don't insure for glass breakage during shipping. 4. It enhances clarity. Although glass appears clear, it can actually have a green tint to it because of the iron content, which can reduce the light level & alter the look of the artwork. Acrylic sheets are more optically pure & thus provide a clearer view. 5. It allows more light through. Up to 92% of visible light is transmitted through acrylic. Mineral glass transmits 80-90%, depending on type of glass & manufacturer. .You can order an Easel Back or Easel Mat for your frame that is up to 11x14". To



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