Otherworldly Riches - Board Game Coins For D&d & Other Rpgs
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Wealth beyond imagination! Gathered from the minting presses of Dwarves Elves & Humans, this amount of treasure would make kings look like beggars. The Otherworldly Riches Package is made for those adventurers that have earned their striped & need some way to keep track of their future fortune. These coins are of a custom design, two sided, 3d printed & finished by hand. Lightweight & solid all the way through they feel great to hold, hand over to your GM or most importantly, receive after defeating a great foe! Package includes: 6x Adamantium Ingots / Mithril Medallions / Cobalt Queens (10 000 gp each) 10x Platinum Ingots 1000 gp each 20x Adamantium (dwarven) / Mithril (elven) (Cobalt Ravens (human) coins (100 gp each) 30x Platinum coins 40x Gold coins 40x Electrum coins 60x Silver coins 60x Copper coins - Three handy coin pouches to keep your riches in. Due to our Europe & USA based workshops having to use different brands of paint per what is available in their regions, the coins that you receive might be of a slightly different coloration depending on the region you ordered in. Otherworldly Riches - Board Game Coins For D&d & Other Rpgs



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