Cribbage Board, Cherry, 3-Track Continuous Board
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Simple cherry wood 3-track continuous track cribbage board, with storage for pegs. Three colors of metal pegs (three of each color) are included. There is no storage for cards in the board, but a deck of cards is included. These boards are 5-1/2" wide by 16-1/4" long, & approximately 3/4" thick; as each one is made from a unique piece of wood, any figure, grain, & markings will be slightly different for each. They are finished with multiple coats of polyurethane, & will last to become heirlooms, passed down for generations. They make perfect Father's Day gifts! Cribbage itself is not an SCA-period game, as it was created in 1630. It is, however, based off of a game called "Noddy," which dates to at least the late 1500's, & the games are nearly indistinguishable to the eye. Cribbage Board, Cherry, 3-Track Continuous Board



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