Dove Soap Zero Waste Perfume Oil. Vegan + Phthalate Free Cruelty Free. Plastic Clean Scent. Bestseller
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Dove Soap: The fresh, clean scent of a soapy bar of Dove soap. Top Notes: white flowers, rose, lily of the valley, paperwhites Mid Notes: jasmine, vanilla Bottom Notes: Tunisian sandalwood, white musk This 100% pure & undiluted perfume oil will be hand poured into a 1/2 oz clear glass bottle with a metal lid. Also, the labels are 100% recycled labels made from post-consumer waste (PCW). Post-consumer waste is born from used, recycled materials like milk cartons, books, junk mail & magazines. The glass bottles are padded & protected with eco-friendly plastic-free biodegradable cardboard & tissue paper wrapping. ➔ Why should I wear perfume oils? Perfume oils are actually moisturizing, making them less irritating & more suitable for people with dry skin. People are wearing fragrance differently, too, & perfume oil fits a more modern style of personal scent. Gone are the clouds of fragrance that announced your entrance & lingered way too long after you've left. This is replaced with a nuanced, complex, subtle personal perfume that is pleasing for everyone. Also, perfume oils are more concentrated with less fillers, stick to your skin longer & don't contain dehydrating chemicals. & they last longer that traditional alcohol based perfumes, since alcohol evaporates from the bottle faster. This is a great thing for those of us who have a large collection of scents & hold onto things longer. You don't waste as much during application either, since, one loses about 50% of a spray of traditional perfume into the air. ➔ How do I wear perfume oils? There is an art to trying out perfume oils that will give you the best results. Open the bottle & smell. This is not what it will smell like on your skin, but will give you a first impression. Take a toothpick, dip it into the oil & slide across the front & back of your wrist. Don't rub in the perfume & allow it to unfold naturally as it warms up on the skin. Wait about an hour & let it fully blossom & mingle with your unique body chemistry & smell it again. in this final testing stage, you should be able to pick up the mid & base notes of the scent design. This is the fully opened, final version of the fragrance. We take pride in choosing only environmentally friendly & Leaping Bunny approved cruelty-free ingredients. Everything is handmade fresh, wrapped in recyclable & reusable packaging & shipped right to your door. Disclaimer: This designer duplicate fragrance is an interpretation of the referenced name brand fragrance & is not to be confused with the original. We are in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer. Dove Soap Zero Waste Perfume Oil. Vegan + Phthalate Free Cruelty Free. Plastic Clean Scent. Bestseller



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