Witch Wiccan Pagan Starter Crystal Kit Pocket Stone Set
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Witch Crystal starter set Stones This Starter Set stone set gives you the option to purchase 9 tumbled stones or 7 natural/raw crystals believed to be associated strongly with ritual practice. There is also an option to purchase both. Pocket Stones are great to meditate with or to carry around in your pocket!. You will receive stones similar to the ones shown. Comes in the chosen gift bag: Tumbled stones: Black Tourmaline - Grounding & shielding Clear Quartz - master healer, amplification of intentions, spirit element Green aventurine- good luck, earth element Moonstone- connection to the divine feminine, intuition, water element Amethyst - psychic protection & calming, sleep, Rose Quartz - unconditional love Citrine - cleansing, joy & abundance, air element Carnelian - passion, creativity, passion, fire element Red Jasper - grounding Natural crystals: Amethyst cluster Honey calcite Clear Quartz cluster Blue Calcite Rose quartz Black Tourmaline Selenite Witch Wiccan Pagan Starter Crystal Kit Pocket Stone Set



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