Fuyu Persimmon Tree Seedling | 16-24 Inches Tall
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BEFORE ORDERING FROM OUR SHOP: PLEASE UNDERSTAND BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER WITH US THAT DURING SUmmERTIME (JUNE-SEPTEMBER) ExCESSIVE HEAT & HUMIDITY IS COmmON, AS SUCH WE WILL TRIM MOST SEEDLINGS LEAVES PRIOR TO SHIPMENT AS THEY WILL WILT OR DRY UP OTHERWISE. THIS DOES NOT HARM THE SEEDLING in ANYWAY, NEW LEAVES WILL BEGIN TO EMERGE WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS WITH PROPER CARE. TAHNKS FOR UNDERSTANING & PLEASE, DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH OUR SHOP IF YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THIS, THIS IS COmmONPLACE WITH ANY NURSERY ONLINE, WE HAVE HAD A LARGE NUMBER OF UNFAIR, FALSE, NEGATIVE REVIEWS LATELY DUE TO CUSTOMERS NOT ACCEPTING THESE TERMS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. You will receive one, 2 year old American Persimmon tree seedling shipped bare root 16-24 inches tall that is a (the roots will be covered in Terrasorb, a water absorbing gel for safe shipment) shipped fast & free from our farm to you! These tend to sell out fast & earlier in the season that most other seedlings so be sur to grab one or two before they're gone! THIS LIVE TREE WILL BE SHIPPED in A DORMANT STATE (Winter Sleep - No Leaves) from October- May & with trimmed leaves trimmed from June- September) & BARE ROOT (No Planter Pot or Soil) For more information please visit www.ckkproductsllc.com https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CKKPRODUCTSLLC/tools/listings/stats:true/1078530236 Fuyu Persimmon Tree Seedling | 16-24 Inches Tall



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