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Up for offer - 3 Varieties of Ancient Heirloom Wheat Wheatgrass, Wheat Sprouts, Steamed for Cereal or Sprouted Wheat flour - Anyway you decided to try it out, these are some extremely unique, nutrient packed Ancient varieties that have been passed down for Millennia. Organic Einkorn Berries: Einkorn was allegedly found in the ancient tombs in Egypt & has been dated back more than 10,000 years by scientists. Either way, this grain is classified as Ancient. The term "Einkorn" means One-Kernel in the German language. This is in reference to the single grain per spikelet on the head of the plant. It is a diploid with 14 chromosomes instead of the 42 chromosomes found in modern wheat varieties today. Its flavor is unique & is packed with nutritional benefits. Some folks who have issues with modern wheat varieties do not have issues with the ancient forms of wheat. But that's not to say anyone with issues can have it, but it does give hope to some who cannot enjoy wheat. Chefs & bakers alike enjoy Einkorn, & in addition to its great taste, it ranks first among cereals in antioxidant levels, & tests high in vitamins & minerals as well. Tests show it has 3-4 times more riboflavin (vit B2), 50% more protein with lower gluten structure, 3-4 times more beta-carotene, 3-4 times more lutein, significantly higher levels of vit A, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus & iron than modern wheat varieties of today. Organic Emmer Berries: Emmer means "hulled grain" in the German language & is one of the earliest forms of cultivated grains. Dating back thousands of years, like Einkorn, Emmer was also allegedly found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. It is referred to by some as "The Pharaoh’s Wheat". Emmer in its wild form is a cross between Einkorn & grass. It is unique in flavor, nutritional benefits & genetic makeup. Like Einkorn, the genetic makeup of Emmer is different than that of modern wheat where modern wheat has 42 chromosomes, Emmer has only 28. This Emmer is a whole grain product that differs from the Italian import Emmer which is semi-pearled. Emmer, like Einkorn, is considered an original crop from the advent of agriculture. Emmer is the grandmother of durum, & like durum makes excellent pasta & flatbread. Emmer contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants as well as fiber & protein. Emmer Wheat is also called Farro in Italian, this ancient strain of hard wheat is often confused with spelt as they have a similar taste & texture. Emmer wheat is a type of wheat & is not suitable for those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy. Organic Spelt Berries: While not an actual wheat, it is a nutritious & flavorful relative of common wheat. It is also an ancient grain that retains nearly all of its nutritional value in the kernel. This means that even after processing, it will still contain high levels of proteins & carbohydrates. Extremely good source of dietary fiber, thiamine, niacin, iron & potassium. It's easily digested &



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