Natural Hubei Turquoise Silver Ring, Silver Turquoise, 湖北原矿绿松戒指
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5 Style Ring to Choose From Gemstones are natural! These Turquoise are real natural & untreated, not from powder pressed or dyed fake stones All my pictures are the picture of the actual product. video requsting is welcome. items will be well packed, & it will come with a gift box, if you need a gift message, please let me know I will print it on a nice card. Note: Because Turquoise is a porous stone, turquoise jewelry can easily absorb fluids & oils such as perfume, sunscreen & makeup. To protect your turquoise jewelry, we recommend that you put jewelry on after applying makeup, sunscreen & perfume, & never wear your jewelry in the shower, bath or swimming pool. Turquoise will change color due to touching human skin, since it absorb the oil. A lot Turquoise lover love to touch it frenquently with clean hand, blue turquoise that contains copper can change from a light blue to a dark green. The iron changes from green to darker green & aluminum from light blue to darker blues & greens. The color will be richer & we said it soul connecting. Stone Type: 100% natural Turquoise From China Hubei Mine Stone Color: Blue Stone Shape: Oval Stone Size: Style A: 8.26mm x 7.24mm, Style B: 6mm x 9.2mm, Style C: 8.11mm x 6.22mm, Style D: 6.68mm x 9mm, Style E: 9.4mm x 6.4mm Stone Class: Genuine, Untreated METAL(S) Metal Type: Sterling Silver Metal Color: White Metal Finish: Polished Ring Style: Fashion Ring Size: Adjustable, Open end (Fits beautifully on size 6-9) Myth #1: Chinese Turquoise is "Fake" Turquoise No. No. No. Chinese Turquoise got a bad name because disreputable or ignorant re-sellers attempted to pass off synthetic or composite stimulants as authentic. True Chinese Turquoise comes out of a mine, just like North American varieties. Unlike North American Turquoise, the stone is not named for the specific mine & the overly vague (and loaded) term "Chinese Turquoise" is applied. The best Turquoise mines in China are located in the Hubei region. Since our special batch came exclusively from Hubei mines, we feel it’s important to make the distinction. Myth #2: Only North American Turquoise is Rare & Valuable There was a period of time where North American Turquoise was abundant & relatively inexpensive - but then mines started to close & prices skyrocketed. At least one major Hubei mine has closed in the last five years. At the same time, Turquoise jewelry has become fashionable in China & less available for export. Prices have already increased substantially, & some believe that, like its North American counterparts, Hubei Turquoise will increase dramatically in price over the next 5-10 years. Myth 3: North American Turquoise is Objectively "Prettier" Yikes! NO! North American Turquoise has some cool things going for it, but there are distinct qualities in Hubei Turquoise that aren’t replicated in any North American varieties. For example, Hubei Turquoise is widely accepted to have the most striking "spider webbing" in its matrix, as well as the



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