Palo Santo Essential Oil 10 Ml
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100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil (Bursera graveolens) Our Palo Santo Essential Oil is an entirely natural, ethically wildcrafted product. The oil is distilled through an organic steam vaporization process & does not involve the use of any chemicals. It contains a concentrated essence derived from the aged heartwood of Bursera graveolens, rich in beneficial terpenes. It can be applied directly to the body or utilized with an essential oil diffuser, which makes for an excellent dispersion of aroma throughout a room while being smoke-free. The oil may be externally applied to the body to increase relaxation & to activate its pleasantly therapeutic qualities. This powerful tool has been used as a form of indigenous medicine for generations. Many people find the essential oil & blends thereof to be an effective supplement in the treatment of physical pain & discomfort in areas such as wrist & knee joints, stomach, neck, back, legs, hands, & feet. Whether it's inflammation due to swelling or general discomfort, many find a certain level of relief when externally applying the Palo Santo essential oil in direct contact with the skin. We generally recommend a dilution ratio of 70% carrier oil to 30% Palo Santo oil for frequent topical application, however this is entirely up to the individual preference of the user. Sourced from Manabí, Ecuador. Palo Santo Essential Oil 10 Ml



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