January 12, 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, Natural Disaster Art, Large Metal Wall Hanging Artwork One-Of-A-Kind, 34x14.5
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Artist Profile- Jean Eugene Remy With a distinctive style & innovative capacity that doesn't quit, Jean Eugene Remy is definitely an artist on the rise. He makes great use of three dimensional imagery & his sculptures are filled with action & detail. Born in 1984 in Port-au-Prince, his mother was already a widow with 3 small boys to feed. At the age of six, he began working "the iron cut for people," eventually apprenticing in the workshop of Julio Balan. He remembers his very first sale with fondness & pride: a voodoo piece, sold to a German customer for $30. (US) Though he is Catholic, it is not uncommon in Haiti to blend Catholic & Voodoo practices & symbolism. The two are quite compatible in the traditional Haitian view. in 2009, he participated in a "Sirena" exhibition in the Dominican Republic & two years later, travelled to Eaton, Florida as a guest artist. There he demonstrated his craft at the "Zora!" Festival of Arts & Humanities, where the theme for the year was "Remembering Haiti." Jean Eugene has a vision of art as his life's work. It is his clearly passion. He says, "I dream of having a golden hammer & making my coffin in a beautiful work of iron." Fair trade isn't just a good idea - its the way we do business. We offer a hand up, not a hand out to our artist partners in Haiti. Each sale of their metal sculptures represents a positive step toward a better life. The center of Haitian metal sculpture is the village of Croix-des-Bouquets, where the clanging sound of hammers striking chisels is a constant music. To begin, the artist chalks his design onto the metal. Chisels, dies & a large hammer are used to cut & shape the piece, giving it form & texture. When the highly intricate & physically demanding work is complete & the artist is satisfied with his work, he signs his name boldly with a small chisel & applies a clear, weather-proof coating. The result is a wonderful, fair trade piece of handcrafted art. This metal sculpture is meant for display indoors or out, but if you choose to display yours outside, be aware that the protective, weather-proof coating will wear off over time. To keep your sculpture looking just like it did the day you bought it, take five minutes once a year to apply a spray-on clear enamel coating. A few nails & a hammer are all you'll need to hang your sculpture. Look for a place where the design is joined or notched & put the first nail there. Use a second & possibly a third nail, if the piece is large, in other joined or notched design elements within the sculpture to straighten & secure it to the wall. The nails will "disappear" with the piece. Simple as that. January 12, 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, Natural Disaster Art, Large Metal Wall Hanging Artwork One-Of-A-Kind, 34x14.5



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