Call Guests Find 5 Large Host Stickers - Coaching/Instructions Earn Rewards Encourage Communicate Inform
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This Package includes 3 sheets of Stickers for a total of 60 Stickers (20 /sheet x 3 = 60 stickers.) Encourage your hostesses to make calls using this sticker. GRAPHIC READS: Call your guests! Earn more credits by finding the 5 guests with this sticker on their invitation! Have them bring it to receive a prize! IDEA: Put a unique sticker like "Gifts for all occasions" (S40427) on 5 of the party invitations & mail them out. Challenge your hostess to find which 5 guests received those stickers. Put this sticker on the front of the "Your invitations are in the mail" postcard (PP20516CT). Put the sticker they are looking for below this sticker (actually overlap it under the arched wording) so your hostess knows which sticker she is looking for. During your hostess coaching tell her you will be doing this & if she makes the calls & finds the 5 people, you'll give her something special. Remind your hostess to tell those guests that they'll receive a prize when they bring their invitation to the party. Just think what this can do for you! It encourages your hostesses to make the calls & encourages greater attendance to your party! Tell your hosts she receives something more if all 5 guests come to the party! Here is a "call scenario" you can share with your hosts: HOST: Hello __(guest's name)___. This is __(host's name) __I'm calling to remind you about my __(company)_ party on __(date)__. Did you receive your invitation? Do you know where it is? GUEST: (Her response) then respond accordingly with something like this: Could you go get it? Because, on that invitation there may be a special sticker that wins us both a prize. (Ask which stickers are on the invitation, reinforce the value of each 'See the K-Invite Pack) then if the prize winning stickers is on the invitation, tell them to bring the invitation to the party for a gift. KEY 2: This is part of our Key 2 - Host Coaching selection of products for those in the party plan or direct sales profession. They are designed to help you create a relationship with your hosts that benefits BOTH of you. The more they are involved the greater the results on every level. To see all products to help you with Booking, click SECTION 2-Host Coaching Items in our store. DATA: 20 bright, shiny, coated, colorful, 2" tall by 1 3/4" wide stickers on each 8 1/2" x 11" sheet which is 3-hole punched for easy filing in a binder. For ideas to Boost your Business, visit our BLOG at Call Guests Find 5 Large Host Stickers - Coaching/Instructions Earn Rewards Encourage Communicate Inform



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