5 Fresh Thai Frangipani Flower Seeds, Plumeria Rubra, Choose Variety - Pink, Chocolate, Violet, Yellow, Orange, White, Red Seed, Lovely Scent
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Buy 5 or more items & receive a 25% discount use coupon code: 25PERCENTOFF The Frangipani (Plumeria Rubra) flower is unique. It smells like no other plant in the world & each colour has its own unique individual fragrance. Some plumerias have a sweet perfume, others like jasmine flowers, others have a fruit smell of peaches or citrus fruits. Here in Thailand the old frangipani flower blooms are collected by the international perfume companies to make oils for their scents. They can be grown anywhere in the world, it can be a 12 foot tree if you live in the warmer climates, or if you live somewhere cooler grow in a pot & can be moved indoors when weather is cooler. It is hardy to 12°C (54 F) outside. It will only grow relative to the size of pot. We have buyers who grow these in Scotland in pots! The varieties Choco Delight : Unsusual medium to large flowers of deep chocolate colors. Very beautiful. Nice perfume. CV Penang Peach : A fabulous big pink & yellow flower. Dosy White : Touches of Yellow to the pure white petals make this a very attractive variety of plumeria. Duke : Strong red large flowers with rich pink splashes, dark red radiating lines & a small bright yellow centre. Very thick strong petals. Strong sweet perfume. Violet Queen : Beautiful lilac/lavender colored flower with yellow & pink centre. An unusual characteristic of this beautiful cultivar is that it regularly produces double & triple flowers although not always. The perfume is very sweet & strong Wishy Washy : Vivid Pink & Yellow flowers make this a very attractive variety of plumeria. Choose the varieties from the dropdown menu Sowing To begin the germination process, place the seeds in a warm, moist environment for about 24 hours before sowing. Do this by placing the seeds between moistened paper towels in a bowl. The paper towel or tissues should be damp not drippng wet. The thicker end of the seed should be noticeably swollen after the 24 hours. Choose a pot at least 3 – 4 inches deep. Fill with moistened potting compost, make a small hole & gently push seed ¼ " vertically into the soil. The seed’s wing should be sticking straight upright & some of its wing will be allowed to protrude above the soil. (See pictures) Cover the container with cling film so creating a mini greenhouse & place in a warm & bright light place but not in full sun. DO NOT LET SOIL DRY OUT but do not over water The seeds will take 7 to 30 days to germinate. Once the seedlings have developed their second set of true leaves they can be transplanted to a bigger pot. Once about 6 inches tall they are strong enough to plant outside if that is your intention or move to a even bigger pot about 10". Water the area around the Plumeria after planting it in the ground, or if you choose to use a container, use one that has adequate drainage holes in the bottom to avoid over watering of the plant. Plumerias are an easy plant to grow with the proper care & attention, & the most beautiful blooms they can



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