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Buckwheat husk pillow. The best natural pillow for you & your loved ones. The material is 100% natural cotton with OECO_TEx certificate, so you sleep peacefully, without contact with artificial materials. The pillow does not retain moisture, so it does not create an environment for the growth of microorganisms. The eco-filling in the shape of a buckwheat husk gives the perfect pillow. Thanks to the standard size, you can put a pillow in your favorite pillowcase or buy an extra one in KissenLand to use for washing. Weight - approx. 1- 3.5 kg Material - OECO_TEx white cotton Buckwheat hulls properties: Buckwheat does not cause allergies, moreover, it contains tannin, a substance that hinders the development & reproduction of mites & bacteria. Pillows & mattresses filled with scales adjust themselves to the lying position, preventing the formation of bedsores & chafing. The scales enable a constant exchange of heat & moisture between the body & the environment, which means that the mattress or pillow does not heat up from the body temperature & absorbs sweat, & then evaporates it into the environment. Better relaxation, less stress - buckwheat has the properties of neutralizing harmful electromagnetic radiation & is an excellent radiator. Thermal comfort - an ordinary pillow filled with synthetic material heats up quickly, while a buckwheat pillow maintains a constant, comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant & relaxing sleep. This is the end of constantly turning the pillow over to the cool side. Buckwheat Pillow, Organic Husk Natural Bed Pillow, Pillow Hulls, Eco Pillow



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