Selenium Metal Element Sample - 10G Pellets Purity 99.99%
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The Periodic Element Guys are proud to present Selenium metal pellets 10 Grams 99.9% element 34 sample in PEGUYS Element Bottle. The info contained on the bottles are : Element Name Atomic Number/Position on Periodic Table Atomic/Element Symbol Atomic Mass Medium Purity Our Logo We have color coded this according to JMOL scheme so each is unique, Bright & Representative. The Periodic Element Guy has produced a whole range of elements in different Mediums protected in airtight acrylic tiles, Bottles & Cubes. The size of these Bottles are 42mm x 20mm The Periodic Element Guys give you 60 days to return any items in unused/unopened condition, & get a full refund. (Return Postage at buyers expense). This can be for any reason or for no reason, across all our platforms for any of our products How was the Periodic Element guy born? An English father of 2 children wanted to wean his children off video games & try & get them interested in Science & the Periodic table of elements, & the different forms they come in. But to collect the raw elements would become messy & could be dangerous. They could always collect the cubes, & although nice for display, they are only showing one medium, & can be expensive to collect. What if they could hold, view, collect & display different forms of different elements in a safe, neat, inexpensive & cool way? & now 15 months later, we are proud to present 3 sizes of Acrylic airtight Tiles. 12 different Mediums like natural, foil, pellets, ingots, powder, wire, grains etc.. Over 80 elements & adding more all the time. & each & every element tile is hand Created with a minimum of 2 Vinyls on each one. Also each & every tile will be unique with either different size pieces or different weight. Selenium Metal Element Sample - 10G Pellets Purity 99.99%



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