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CUSTOM BOBBLEHEADS ARE UNIQUE GIFT IDEAS Looking for a unique custom made gift for someone you love? Give the only present that’s all about them! Here’s something which can make every head turn & every heart blossom with the fond memories that personifies the gift at all times. Custom bobbleheads are ageless, timeless & can suit any occasion or any theme. Be it a wedding, engagement, birthday party to Valentines days or just for the special ‘him’, or ‘her in your life. We can hand-craft an immortalized work of art in the likeness of any Bride & Groom, friend, co-worker or family member. Give this one-of-a-kind gift today & rest assures that you will be remembered forever! WHY CHOOSING US? 1. What is Our Unique Craftsmanship? We rely heavily on human rather than machine to handcraft our custom bobblehead products. Each of our artists has his/her unique skills. Retaining experienced artists is one of the most important means we have to maintain our product's overall high quality. Over the years, we have developed many incentives to make sure our artists stay with us & love what they are doing. From the start to finish, the custom bobblehead is fully done by handcraft. You can tell it's completely handmade by looking at the edge & some trace of fingerprints once you get the final product. We believe for our customers the final products are the most important to our success. We believe our customers deserve a 100% custom handmade product, rather than some low quality massed produced products. 2. Unlimited Proofing Process until Complete Satisfaction We always offer the proofing service to our customers for unlimited times, just in order to ensure the highest likeness & satisfactory from you guys. During the proofing process, you can put whatever occurs to your mind into the creation of your bobblehead along with our artists, there will have no limitation in communication & modification, until you are satisfied. We have a highly sophisticated online proofing system for you during the whole creation process of your bobblehead. 3. Top-Notch Customer Service We are highly proud of our customer service team. They go the extra miles to meet all your needs, making sure you are kept current on the progress of your custom bobblehead & that every detail is captured. They are ready to brainstorm with you to design your custom bobblehead & are ready to answer any of your questions in a timely manner too. 4. Fastest Turnaround & On-Time Delivery Because we know your custom bobbleheads are often special basics for important events, we do everything in our effort to get them to you on time. We've heard dozens of horrible stories about the important centerpiece of the event, a custom bobblehead ordered from our competitors that did not arrive in time. We will make sure it’s done within the timeline you have ordered & we also use DHL/TNT express shipping for delivery which only takes 2-4 days to any destinations around the world. HOW TO ORDER First, find



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