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Product: Clementine Scent Profile: Citrus, Earthy Consistency: Thin Oil Color: Clear to Pale Yellow/Orange Ingredients: 100% Pure Terpenes When you tear a piece of basil or cut open a lemon, what you smell are terpenes, a wide & diverse group of organic compounds found in plants, fruits, & vegetables that make them smell & taste the way they do. Terpenes & terpenoids are the primary constituents of essential oils. They help plants attract insects for pollination & repel predators. Beyond their adaptive & evolutionary purposes, terpenes make your food smell & taste delicious! Terpenes are widely used throughout many industries around the world. Restaurants, bakers, & the like, use terpenes to add bold flavors to renowned confections. Cosmetics industry uses them to create perfumes & the scents found in soaps, shampoos, & lotions. They are also widely used in aroma therapy & massage oils. Terpenes are even used to make natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products & solvents. How should Liquid Nugz™ terpenes be used? When using in massage oils or for aromatherapy, simply mix with a carrier oil of your choice to concentrations of 1-10%. Our terpenes are food grade, thus can be used in the same manner as any other oil based food flavoring extract. A little bit goes along way! These flavors are so strong, in fact, that the composition of a smell or taste can be drastically different before it's properly diluted. Used in baked goods, cocktails, desserts, or any other application you can imagine, these terpenes will add deliciousness to any dish. For best results, begin with one drop & add more as needed, never exceeding 10% concentration. Terpenes are highly volatile. Meaning they have a low boiling temperature & are UV sensitive causing them to dissipate & break down quickly when exposed to air, light, & excessive heat. For stronger flavors apply directly before serving. For more natural flavors in packaged products, allow up to 48 hours for total saturation. Why choose Liquid Nugz™? Liquid Nugz™ Strain Profiles' perfectly replicate the terpenes found naturally in all your favorite strains. Using the purest, most exceptional terpenes on the market, paired with the analytical data of the highest quality strain samples ever recorded, these products far surpass the leading names in the industry. All natural & organic. No synthetics used. No additives or fillers. Just pure 20x concentrated terpenes at wholesale prices. Liquid Nugz™ is rapidly becoming the nation's preferred source for pure terpenes. With the highest quality products on the market, at wholesale prices, the choice is obvious! All of our products are all natural, food grade, organic, & non GMO. There are never any additives, fillers, preservatives, or bases. Just 100% pure terpenes. There are many terpene companies in existence, but Liquid Nugz™ has no direct competitors. This is because no company can beat our quality, prices, shipping speed, or customer service. Our



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