Peridot Mythological Stone Protector Ring, August Birthstone, Recycled Sterling Silver, Fantasy Fairy Magic Elf Elves, Earth Mined Pakistan
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Sterling silver Stone Protectors ring, Peridot Please read the entire description before ordering: This Hand crafted Sterling Silver ring is set with a faceted natural light green peridot mined from the earth in Pakistan. The oval peridot will measure 4 mm x 6 mm & weigh between .40 & .50 carats. These stones have a lovely light green color & good transparency. They have slight internal inclusions which can be seen with magnification. They are very well cut & polished. Peridot is the birthstone for those born in August. The design of this handmade sterling silver ring features 2 little "stone protectors" on either side, & 2 smaller ones wrapped around the stone which is set at a 45 degree angle. The Stone Protectors are little fantasy - mythological creatures that I first created back in the mid 1970's, & still use today in many of my jewelry designs. They kind of look like little bug-eyed salamanders without legs. You can see them better when you click on the pictures to enlarge them. They are magical little creatures who's power is to protect the stone they guard, & keep it from harm or loss. Tolkien never described them in his books, but in my mind's eye they are indigenous to Middle Earth, or some other realm of fantasy. Being creatures of fantasy, they give the ring a Mythic or Mystical feeling, as if it were created in another time & place of magic. The ring measures about 7.5 mm across, & the shank measures about 2 mm wide & 1.1 mm thick at the thinnest spot in the back. The ring weighs about 2.5 grams, & is stamped Ster inside. The last picture is for visual size & scale reference, so you can see exactly what size the ring is. It shows the silver ring without the stone next to a US dime coin & 1" on a ruler. The sterling silver I use to make my rings is alloyed using newly refined recycled silver. The only difference between recycled sterling silver & silver not identified as recycled is the source of the pure silver. Recycled silver has less impact on the environment than newly mined silver. Otherwise, it is exactly the same. I believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a better, healthier place. That's why I use recycled where I can. The Navy blue jewelry box it will be sent in is also made with 100% recycled materials. Rings are always stronger when the shank is cast to size as opposed to being cut & sized later. So rather than set this stone first, & then needing to size the ring to fit your finger, I will cast your ring to size when you order it. I will have the ring ready to send within 3 to 5 business days. The peridot set in your ring will be from the same lot as the stones pictured, & will be of the same color, cut, & clarity. PROPER FINGER SIZING: There is no way to accurately guess or estimate the finger size you need for a ring to fit properly. The only way to obtain an accurate measurement is to use the METAL finger gauges used by jewelers. Go to a store that sells rings, & get the



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