18-24" Custom Modern Style Quilt & Rug Hangers - Several Finishes Available in Oak, Maple Or Walnut
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Art in A Pinch Modern Style Quilt & Rug Hangers - Custom Sizes, Made Just For You! Our Modern Quilt Hanger is a beautiful way to provide full support for your valued textile while it is displayed on the wall. Our quilt & rug hangers support your textiles with gentle even pressure. The quilt hanger will display your textiles conveniently & safely. Simply place the edge of your textile between the two rails & tighten the knobs. The 2 screws are placed above the tapestry so they will not puncture your textile & provide enough support for heavy rugs. The Modern Style Hanger works the same as our Original Hangers except that they have a minimalist look & use screws to tighten the hanger, instead of knobs. The button caps cover the screw holes on the top of the hanger. See time-frame below for these special orders. Options for this listing: Choose your hanger size: 18-24 inches long (see various listings for other sizes) Choose your Modern Style Hanger finish: -Natural Finished Oak Clear Finished High-Grade Maple -Medium Stained Oak Clear Finished High-Grade Walnut -Dark Walnut Stained OakUnfinished High-Grade Maple -Unfinished Oak Unfinished Paintable-Grade Maple -Satin Black Maple Unfinished High-Grade Walnut -Satin White Maple Button Caps: The finish of the button caps will be the same finish as the hanger. The Button Caps are made out of solid maple or walnut. Note that the clear finish shows up darker than the clear finished maple & oak hangers. This listing will provide 2 Button Caps in the same color. Idea: To make your hanger have an even more modern look, order a contrasting color of button caps using our Etsy listing called "Button Caps". Choose black, silver or gold button caps. All other cap finishes also available. All our hangers are handmade by Art in A Pinch in Minnesota. Choose your size & color option from the model drop-down menu. Before ordering: Please make sure you measure your textile's width & thickness. The textile's width should not be wider than the size you are ordering. The hanger can be the same width or overhang the textile by an inch or two depending upon the look that you want displayed. Our hangers on Etsy can only hold a textile that has a maximum thickness of 3/8 inch. Silk rugs should be wrapped in fabric due to the slipperiness of their fibers. Unevenly thick textiles must be wrapped in fabric so that the textile becomes the same thickness all the way across the width. Details / Dimensions: 18-24 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Solid oak stained & top coated with a clear professional-grade satin finish. Maple & walnut finished with a clear professional-grade satin finish. Black & white hangers are painted with a satin finish on maple. Both top & bottom are made of solid hardwood approx. 3/4" thick. 2 keyhole slots on the back for secure fastening to your wall. 2 screws are on these hangers used to secure the textile in place without puncturing your textile & 2 button caps to cover the screws in the same finish as



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