Oat Straw & Tops - "Avena Sativa" Medicinal Herb 1 Oz. , Non Gmo, Naturally Grown
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Oats have been eaten since prehistoric times. The genus name Avena is derived from Latin & means "nourishing. "Sativa means "cultivated." Oat Straw is often planted to prevent soil erosion & is widely distributed as a cereal crop. The fruit & straw are gathered at harvest time typically in August. The stalks are cut & bound together & then left upright to dry. The straw is just the crushed dry stalks. Highly nutritive & supportive of the nervous system. Oat Straw helps the body in the management of healthy bones, skin, hair & nails. It may also be beneficial as a bodily aid in the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Oat straw is highly recommended as an herb for eczema & rheumatism. The primary chemical constituents of Oat Straw includes saponins, flavonoids, starch, alkaloids (trigonelline avenine) steroids, calcium, iron, B vitamins, lysine & methionine. The seeds are rich in iron manganese & zinc. The straw is high in silica. The common name "Oat" also includes the species Avena fatua which is used interchangeably with Avena sativa. Hot Tea: add 1 tsp. or 1 tea bag of straw to 1 cup of hot boiled water for 10-15 min. Add milk & sugar to taste. References: BHMA Scientific Committee 1996; Please Note: This information is based on Traditional & Folklore Medicine which uses natural materials to support health. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Oat Straw & Tops - "Avena Sativa" Medicinal Herb 1 Oz. , Non Gmo, Naturally Grown



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