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... Hello, friends! :) Thank you for stopping by our handmade leather goods shop! Any our product we paint in color on your choice. in the photos - the best & proven combinations of colors. By default, I paint the products like in the cover photo. The "color" option means the background color. The pattern & the leather cord braid will be light brown For the "black totally" option, the background, pattern & leather cord will be black For the "black back & red pic'' option - black background color, red pattern & red leather cord (this is a risky harsh color combination, be careful). The backs of the belts are now painted brown, not as in the photo, where the backs are unpainted (white). It's more practical & beautiful that way. Friends, I'm sorry, I temporarily don't have any #5 buckles. Please choose other buckles in the meantime... All of our products are custom or personalized. Nothing in our store is used & is created just for you. Attention, please! This is completely handmade, so an exact duplication of the product in the photo - is impossible. Also, I am an artist, & will try to make each subsequent piece better, in my opinion. So there may be slight changes in patterns, colors, details, etc. If you have any details of drawings or personalization that are particularly important to you, please let me know separately! Please choose a belt width of 40 mm (1,6'') or 50 mm (2'' The main width of the belt - 40 mm (1,6''), & is suitable for all known loops of trousers & jeans! However, a belt with an increased width of 50 mm (2'') is often suitable for jeans, this is a very spectacular look! But it's already at the width limit for jeans loops! Be careful! That's a dangerous belt width! Please check the loops of your pants, in view of the great thickness of the belt! :) By default, we make a 49-51-inch belt length. Really massive belt with 2 layers of excellent leather, with a total thickness of 5.5 mm. The top layer - with a tooling & carving, 4 mm thick. Second layer 1.5 mm thick. The leather from Italy - it is best, really best leather! Stylish buckle antique brass color. This belt will always be an eyecatcher. It is really very massive, heavy, but flexibile. Length on waist regulate on 30''-49'' inches (75-125 cm) with holes (usually 12). It ready for many years duty! The belt width for buckle #1 may only be 1.6 inch (40 mm) or 1.75 inch (45 mm). The buckle #1 - belt loops are enclosed with the belt. :) PLEASE ... enter your buckle number in the "Buyer's note" at the end of the order process, or just in a personal message! :) PLEASE When ordering, report the circumference of your waist (it can be measured by your old belt. This is the distance between the far end of the buckle & the hole you fasten the belt on!) We will add 8-12 inches ourselves The length of the belt should be 8 - 12 inches longer than the circumference of your waist! With this length, the belt is securely held at the waist, & does not unbutton itself. By default, we make a



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